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Services we offer:

GPS Origins Ancestry Test, HomeDNA Starter Ancestry, HomeDNA Healthy Weight, HomeDNA Food & Pet Sensitivity, HomeDNA Skin Care.

Home Testing for
Family Planning
Services we offer:

Peekaboo Early Gender Detection Test, Home Vasectomy Test for Men, Home Fertility Test for Men.

Services we offer:

Maternity, Grandparent, Siblings, Twins, DNA Reconstruction, Avuncular, Male Lineage, Female Lineage, Native American, Infidelity.

Immigration DNA Testing
Services we offer:

IRCC Requests, Parent-Child Sponsorship Applications, Citizenship Applications, Paternity, Maternity, Sibling and other Relative Testing.

Animal DNA Tests
Services we offer:

Dog DNA Testing (Canine), Bird DNA Testing (Avian), Horse DNA Testing (Equine), Cat DNA Testing (Feline), Alpaca DNA Testing (Camelid).

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